Body to body erotic massage

What could be better than a relaxing massage, especially after work? If only not an erotic body to body massage, is it? When you can take off all your clothes, relax and forget about everything, and even in a pleasant company. When the partner gently passes with his hands, caresses your skin with a feather, uses his legs, chest and other parts of his body, so that you are in a trance state. And best of all here is a body-to-body massage to get the most out of intimacy with a partner.

When a partner slowly passes his chest down your back, causing pleasant goosebumps all over your body lying on your stomach and making you just relax and have fun. You merge into one in this dance of the two, helping each other to reach the peak of pleasure. You try different methods of getting pleasure, like a massage with oil rubbing all over your body. Or using the tantric massage technique, wanting to achieve something magical, something beyond human understanding, something higher. And a number of other techniques of the East or using improvised means. And besides pleasure, body-to-body massage will help you restore both sexual and mental strength, because it is an excellent therapy after a series of stress, setbacks or depression. You can feel the full range of your emotions, from gentle circular movements of your partner's chest and buttocks. Relax and turn this body to body massage into a dance for two, smelling and feeling your partner's embrace, the touch of his lips to your skin, as the partner's hands pass over your thighs. Renounce everything that is vital for the sake of such pleasure in a secluded room with pleasant music or in complete silence, as if this external world does not exist, only you and your body to body masseur.


You feel how your partner's hands pass all over your body, touch the erogenous zones and knead your feet. You rub the butter over each other, as if sculpting a work of art out of clay with a wave of your hand. Subdued light also helps you to feel detachment from the outside world, and the room lit up with aromatic oils and candles gives the feeling of exoticism. The soft bed and the gentle body of your partner creates in your head the impression that you are traveling in the sky on a cloud, leading your hands along other clouds floating towards you.

You enjoy your partner's body, feeling every millimeter of her body, all her human beauty. For you, what is happening seems to be something new. The partner is holding onto your shoulders, you are holding the partner's waist; your genitals are rubbing against each other. You get something close to sexual intercourse, but no less pleasant, capable of bringing both of you to the peak of what you want. Everything is involved here, every cell of your body. You exchange glances, breathe the same air, you have merged into one body and mind. This is your time, yours and your partner, nobody and nothing but you, until you reach the top of this mountain Together. Then you will be fully satisfied, as if you have been to paradise. Or was it so with you? Show all your imagination and desire to help your partner feel something that you have never experienced. Turn it into a celebration for two souls. The main thing in body to body massage is to have fun.

If you have a desire to try all of the above advantages on yourself, we invite you to the coolest massage.

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