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Erotic massage

With erotic massage, discover the most exciting and unforgettable experiences and real pleasure for men

You will forget about physical fatigue and relax psychologically in the company of a beautiful lady

After the session, you will be at the top of your emotions and be filled with harmony and freshness

Welcome to the gentle and affectionate hands of a beautiful and professional masseuse!

Each massage is individually tailored to your wishes

Sensual erotic massage
  • Erotic massage

    This is a special type of massage that is used most often technique of stroking, stretching, kneading and vibration to enhance the intensity of sensory sensations, for soft relaxation and arousal. When performing erotic massage, we use the same techniques as with classical massage, but more gentle and affectionate, we often use accessories such as feathers, brushes, cream, and even pieces of ice

  • Nuru massage

    Unique technique of maximum relaxation, new sensations and immersion in a trance, unforgettable pleasure from a naked girl who smoothly glides over your body, giving you a sense of floating in the clouds with weightlessness very deep relaxation and paradise more...

  • Tantra massage

    Tantric massage is a meditative breathing practice used for immersion in trance and deep relaxation. This is a paired developmental practice in which two equal partners participate: active and passive - “massage therapist” and “patient”. The emphasis is on intimacy during a massage of a couple personifying the unity of male and female reveals and increases the palette of sensuality more...

  • 4 Hands massage

    It's definitely worth a try!

Double pleasure of erotic massage for the deepest relaxation and unexplored feelings with two beautiful professional masters of massage

Ruls of erotic massage


  • You must be over 21
  • You should be free from alcohol and drugs
  • Before the girl arrives, please take a quick shower
  • Please prepare two clean large towels before the session
  • Please pay for the service before the session starts
  • During the session in the room only a masseuse and you
  • You do not ask the girl to provide you sexual services
  • You can not touch a girl without permission
Price of erotic massage


  • 250 EUR 60 min
  • 350 EUR 90 min
  • 450 EUR 120 min
Photos of erotic massage


an experience that cannot be forgotten

Reasons to try it

  • This is not a regular massage. The atmosphere is intimate - a naked beauty will be the masseuse, using all parts of her body for work
  • A variety of techniques helps to achieve different goals. With erotic massage, you can relax the muscles and increase their tone, and it is a pleasant encouraging procedure
  • Ero massage is a good option for non-trivial relaxation. No matter how hard the previous work week was, after one session you will forget about it

The positive effect of erotic massage

Massage is the best way to relax and tone muscles. The masseuse acts with hands for this, but it will be more pleasant for a man if other parts of the female body (body to body erotic massage) are involved in the process, especially if they are beautiful in their nakedness.

Each visit to the salon gives a powerful charge of impressions, thanks to which a man wants to create. He is literally recharged with new strength and self-confidence, thanks to which he is ready to achieve success in his career, on the personal front, in any area. Muscles will also be grateful for the massage - most clients describe the experience as a complete rebirth.

More about erotic massage

Balances emotions and feelings

Most types of massage are aimed at bodily sensations - they do nothing with consciousness, which also needs to be "massaged". The specific environment and aromatic oils used in the erotic massage process allow relaxation in every sense, banishing negativity and calm down

Benefits of our massage services

Our approach presupposes the maximum level of professionalism and dedication from the girls - they master all modern techniques, and masseuses from the famous salons of Thailand will envy a set of skills. The client does not have to go anywhere at all - instead, he can invite a skilled girl to home, where an atmosphere of the same level as in the establishment will be organized for him


Our massage parlor is located in the French capital, one of the most sensual cities in the world. Here, you especially want adventures in which mysterious beauties would be involved. Here you can meet ladies from any continent and with any skin color. We adhere to this approach when recruiting staff - our girls are beautiful and for every taste

At the same time, we are hiring not for external data, but for the ability to relax the client by giving an unforgettable massage. Numerous visitors - both Parisians and city guests - leave the best reviews about us, which means that we do our job efficiently

We offer the largest variety of girls in Paris and select employees for every taste - white and black, blondes and brunettes

Sensual pleasures cannot be of a mediocre quality - if you want to relax in the company of a seductive masseuse, you need to know that it is pleasant and safe. Our salon operates in strict accordance with French law and current sanitary and hygienic standards, so there is no doubt that even the closest contact with a girl is safe. Moreover, the identity of the client, not to mention personal data, will remain a secret to the general public


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