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Erotic massage

Discover the most exciting and unforgettable experiences and a real pleasure for men with erotic massage

Beautiful women will help your mind relax. Stress will fall away from your muscles, warm oil can release the tension in your brain and soothe your thoughts

Your mind will be in harmony with your emotions after a session. Pleasure relaxing endorphins will be running through your brain

Come to the world of soothing and gentleness through the skilled hands of a professional masseuse

You’re welcome!

We’ve tailored this massage individually to your wishes

Sensual erotic massage
  • Erotic massage

    This is an unique type of massage that is used the most often technique of stroking, stretching, kneading, and vibration to enhance the intensity of sensory sensation, for soft relaxation and arousal. When performing erotic massage, the same techniques are used as with classical massage, except it’s more gentle and affectionate.We often use accessories such as feathers, brushes, cream, and even pieces of ice

  • Nuru massage

    Nuru massage is our unique way of maximizing your relaxation. Tantalizing your brain with different sensations to immerse and entrance your thinking into unforgettable pleasure with a naked woman. As she smoothly glides over your body, she gives you a real sense of drifting in the clouds and, weightless floatation invades your brain with calm relaxing touches from paradise more...

  • Tantra massage

    The Tantra massage is a specialized practice of meditative breathing leading to specific mental immersion as you trance into your senses deeper. The practice of this regularly provides a developed sense in your brain to keep your nervous system calm and well soothed like a well-oiled machine

    Both masseuse and patient are equal partners. While you are a relaxed passive patient, your massage therapist can guide you through the intimacy of personification.An introduction of the sensual male and sensual female roles can reveal and increase the calm sensations your body will feel more...

  • 4 Hands massage

    It's definitely worth a try! When 4 hands are used in any massage, there is an overwhelming sense of true pleasure while your body feels simultaneous touch by loving hands

Double pleasure of erotic massage for the deepest relaxation and unexplored feelings with two beautiful professional masters of massage

Ruls of erotic massage


  • You must be over 21
  • You should be free from alcohol and drugs
  • Before your masseuse arrives, please take a quick shower
  • Please prepare two clean large towels before the session
  • Please pay for the service before the session begins
  • During the session, there will only be you and your massage therapist
  • You are not permitted to ask for any sexual services what so ever
  • Touching your therapist is not permitted without asking
Price of erotic massage


  • 250 EUR 60 min
  • 350 EUR 90 min
  • 450 EUR 120 min
Photos of erotic massage


Unforgettable experiences come from the hands of our sensual therapists

Reasons you may want a sensual massage

  • We don’t offer simple massages. The atmosphere is intimate - a naked, sensual beauty will be your masseuse. She will be using all parts of her body for the art of her work
  • A variety of techniques will help to achieve different goals. During your erotic massage, your muscles can relax while the tone of your body can gain strength can increase. And it is a wonderfully encouraging procedure
  • Erotic massage is a good option for non-trivial relaxation. No matter how hard the previous work week was, after one session you will forget about it

The positive effect of erotic massage

Massage is the best way to relax and tone muscles. The therapeutic masseuse uses her hands to give you the best experience possible. When your masseuse uses her body (body to body erotic massage) to help, the results are truly special. Beautiful women have a way of creating the best experience with your massage.

Each visit to our salon gives you a powerful charge of impressions, thanks to which a man wants to create. You will be literally recharged with new strength and self-confidence. Erotic massage can give you focus and help you to be ready to achieve success in your career. Your personal life can sprout new associations bringing help to your own health. Even without working out, your muscles will begin to tone because of the use of massage in your life. Some clients describe the experience as a complete rebirth.

More about erotic massage

Balances emotions and feelings

Most types of massage are aimed at bodily sensations - they do nothing with consciousness, which also needs to be "massaged". The specific environment and aromatic oils used in the erotic massage can ease your body and mind so that it can relax.Negative feelings and effects melt away.

Benefits of our massage services

The benefits of our approach will give you the confidence of the maximum level of professionalism and dedication from our girls - they master all modern techniques of masseuses from the famous salons of Thailand. The girls in Thailand may envy the sets of skills our girls have. In the comfort of your own home, our therapeutic massage professionals will work with you.


The French capital is one of the most sensual cities of France. We enhance that by our place of business located right in that glorious city. When you come to our parlor, you'll experience the unknown bringing intrigue and mystery to your mind. Girls from every culture and continent are here waiting for you. We handpick our professionals simply for your taste.

Our goal is to help you relax and adventure at the same time. We serve Parisians, as well as tourists all over the world, they come here to leave care behind and be refreshed. We're very good at doing our job.

The girls in Paris that work with us are of the best quality in their own cultures. For your preference, they can be white, black, blond, or brunettes. Others may be here as well.

There is no mediocrity here. We are professionals. Relaxing with an experienced masseuse is safe as well as a pleasurable adventure. We operate in the strictest accordance with French law as well as the current sanitary and hygienic standards. This assures that close contact with one of our professionals is still safe. Another great benefit of our own ethics is that a client’s identity is protected. No information, data, or any other information is given or posted from any kind of general public what so ever


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