Erotic massage to relax the nervous system

Erotic massage is a kind of massage that is primarily done to relax the nervous system. It is believed to stimulate the production of nitric oxide in the body. It also relaxes the brain. It is often used to relieve anxiety.

A person in sexual frustration may need help to release the tension. Rubbing may provide some relief.

Stroking is done by a therapist to the body. However, it may also be performed by a partner. Erotic massage was first used in medical practice to promote recovery after childbirth. However, it was later used in the treatment of pain in various parts of the body.

The history

The history of massage therapy is as old as human civilization. It is a form of therapy that is often used in combination with other treatments.The use of rubbing in the treatment of various parts of the body has increased greatly in the last century.


Aromatherapy and warm towels can be applied to add a more intense and soothing emotional feeling to your partner while being massaged. The idea of something that smells good can invigorate the brain while the body relaxes.

Erotic massage is often used to treat the sexual organs. The reason is that they are highly vascular and sensitive to invigorate.

How the erotic massage takes place

A person is usually sitting on the special table. The person usually lies with the head turned towards the therapist. The master uses his or her hands to massage the person:

The sexual side

A therapist can use his or her fingers to stimulate erogenous zones. They are toned either in a circling motion or moving in a figure eight motion.

Masters may use a vibrator to stimulate the genitals.

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