Erotic massage with the eyes of the performer

There are many types of massages developed by many different kinds of gurus over the last thousand years. Erotic massage has been researched and improved over a few thousand years. It dates back to Egyptian times.

Now, different cultures have various ways of massage that can merge with technique and be mutually pleasing to the human body. The main thing about any massage is that it is pleasurable and soothing.

First, I’ll set the scene for you and let your imagination flow with the possibilities. Then I’ll go on to explain some of the ways to enhance the power of massage.

Ready? Here we go!

Setting the Scene

A dimly lit room. Silk blankets on a comfortable bed. Your partner, laying on them naked. They are ready to be relaxed and comforted.

Ocean breeze sounds are playing over the speakers in a low rumble. Music softly plays, mixing with each and every lap of the waves. Your partner's eyes are closed, and their head rests on the pillow, waiting and meditating.

Erotic massage
Erotic massage

You put scented oil on your hands and rub them together fast, creating heat so that warm palms will touch your partner's skin as you begin with the lower legs. You move your way to the buttocks and then to the waist. Slowly inner muscular tensions relax, and you hear the soft moan you've been waiting to hear. Now begins the real sensual massage.

Erotic Massage and its Benefits

Depending on how sensitive your partner is to the touch of your hands, the nervous system can respond in various ways. When conditions are set just right, the nervous system responds almost immediately to the sensation of deep rubbing and rhythmic pressure placed upon it. Constant circular and clockwise pressures wake up the pleasure endorphins in the brain that contribute to the relaxation process.

With sensual massages, they bring together the arousal of sexual desire. At the same time, they stimulate the brain to release the stress that's not been released for a long time.

These benefits are wonderfully helpful to the rest of the body besides just the brain. Here is a list of value erotic massages can help with.

are more benefits to be talked about when decreasing the risk of heart disease and increasing blood flow throughout the body. These things themselves are more valuable than many points made above. However, a mixed set of results, including blood flow and the heart, is always better than just a few important bottom lines.

With this regular practice, sensual massages increase the immune system functions with better response to diseases and bacterial attacks on your body. Without sensual massages to help your body, hormones may lower creating different problems like osteoporosis or heart problems. So the number of health-related issues can be solved invisibly by the techniques of erotic massage.

If you have a desire to try all of the above advantages on yourself, we invite you to the coolest massage.

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