How Did Nuru Massage Come to Europe?

Having tried a Nuru massage once, you are not likely to forget this experience. Why? Nuru is one of the most sensual and candid types of erotic massage in the whole world. Today, people in different countries can enjoy the relaxation and tranquility given by Nuru. But not always things were so. Until World War II, neither Europe nor America knew about the unique massaging technique, which originated in Japan.

But before we dive into the history of Nuru massage, let us explain what it actually is and how it is different from classic body-to-body massage.

What Is Nuru?

Nuru is an erotic massage, which presupposes both the receiver and the giver of the massage to be naked. The masseuse uses not only her hands but the entire body to give a massage. You say it sounds like a body-to-body massage? Well, they have some things in common. But the peculiarity of Nuru is that it is made using a special gel.

The gel for Nuru massage is very slippery, and it entirely eliminates friction between the bodies of the client and the masseuse. This allows smooth and gentle gliding, providing more relaxing and pleasurable sensations. The gel for Nuru is made of noriseaweed. It has no smell and no color.

How Did Nuru Appear in Japan?

A Nuru massage appeared in the 19th century in Kawasaki as a kind of alternative to sex services, which were common in Japan before that time. The thing was that courtesans were forbidden to provide their usual services, so they were looking for legal ways to continue their work. Due to the high eroticism of the Nuru massage, it has become a perfect substitution for sex services.

Its popularity has been growing dramatically because Nuru provided not only physical pleasure and relaxation but also sexual arousal. Aside from this, Nuru was a great way to get rid of stress and anxiety and reach Zen.

Nuru Coming to Europe

Huge cultural differences and economical perspectives of Japan worked as a magnet for thousands of Europeans who strived to visit this country. The novelties the travelers found in Japan started spreading to Europe and other countries around the globe. Nuru massage was one of the things Europeans couldn’t leave the Japanese only.

Still, at that time, those were only some people outside Japan who knew what a Nuru massage was. With the development of Internet technologies, this sensual art became known to a much wider circle of people and started spreading around Europe and America much faster. Adult films added a lot to the popularization of this type of erotic massage.

Within the past decade, the popularity of Nuru in Europe increased multiply. One of the reasons for that is the influx of masseuses from Japan who started coming to European massage salons to provide professional Nuru massage. So if you decide to visit an erotic massage salon in Europe, you may get into professional hands (and not only hands) of a real Japanese Nuru masseuse.

Summing up

Nuru is a massage for the body and soul. It takes you to the previously unknown levels of body relaxation while providing serenity and utter emotional recharge. If your life is full of stress and worries, go to a Nuru massage session. It will take you to a totally different world; it will cover you with the atmosphere only Nuru can create. And it doesn’t matter that you live in Europe because a Nuru massage session will let you feel a bit of Japan on your skin.

If you have a desire to try all of the above advantages on yourself, we invite you to the coolest massage.

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