Massage can be different

Among the several types of massaging techniques, there seem to be out in the world, there are a few that I personally use for health purposes. The Art of Massage is a learned skill that anyone can learn. It's going to take time and sensitivity but it's worth learning in any form because your partner is more important than just a kiss and hug at the end of a tiring day. Let's go through a few main ideas and techniques of massage.

The Shoulder Massage

Most men think about a shoulder massage to be as their partner sitting on a chair while standing behind them while rubbing the muscles of the neck, and shoulder. The art of massage is more directed when rubbing the shoulders and neck. Since stress is mainly generated through the brain, muscles strain, or stay stiff subconsciously in the human body that even a person doesn't realize until they are paid attention to by a masseuse. This is usually true with people in long stand-up jobs like a bank teller or possibly a factory worker.

Shoulder massage

The best way to go about doing these kinds of massages is to have your partner lay in a prone position. Also, sitting backward on a chair using the backrest for the upper torso of the body. You can cushion it by putting a sturdy pillow at the top so the backrest doesn't feel uncomfortable. This will be an optimal position for the massage to have a full effect.

Intramuscular Massage

Intramuscular or "Deep Tissue" massage is one of the best and more relaxing types of relaxing therapy because of the several variations that can be used with it.

Intramuscular Massage


Aromatherapy and warm towels can be applied to add a more intense and soothing emotional feeling to your partner while being massaged. The idea of something that smells good can invigorate the brain while the body relaxes.

Aromatherapy Massage

Warm Towels

Another technique helper is warm towels that can add to the ecstasy of easy meditation massage. This is very easy to do. Take some small towels or a large washcloth and lightly wet them. Place it in the microwave for up to thirty seconds. Store it in a plastic container with others so you have more than one to use. Simply use the towels by rolling them up to store them in the plastic container, and when your partner lays down apply the towels to their skin and massage gently over the top of the towels.

Warm Towels Massage

River Stones Massage

River Stones can be purchased at any lawn and garden center normally. They are somewhat flat, smooth and, round. They come in both large and small sizes. I suggest that you buy a couple of each and test them on your partner to see what might be more comfortable. People have different preferences. If you simply want to stick with one size, try picking those that are simply hand-sized. Not too big, and not too small.

River Stones Massage

Use a large bucket and add warm water to it. Not hot water. Use hot enough water to dip your hand comfortably inside it to bring stones out and dry them one at a time as you place them on your partner's back in a vertical design on the muscles of the back. Never place on the spine. For added comfort, you can place hot towels on the top of the stones. Gently massage your partner using the stones as a massage tool in small clockwise circles. WARNING: Never touch the spine with stones. A bone could be damaged accidentally.

These benefits are wonderfully helpful to the rest of the body besides just the brain. Here is a list of value erotic massages can help with.

Hot Scented Oil Massage

The aspect of a warm hand on the back of your partner's body during a massage is one of the most comforting when it's from your partner. The Hot Oil Massage is one technique that has been known for centuries and in different cultures. There are many ways to apply different styles of performing this hugely loved relaxation help. When the oil is scented and warmed, it provides extra incentive for your brain to produce good endorphins as the feeling of warmness spreads through your senses.

Hot Scented Oil Massage

Simply apply oil to your hands, and slowly use your fingers and thumbs to feel through the skin to the muscles and massage them with a circular clockwise motion. The sensation of a simultaneous movement and the constant circular rubbing will relax your partner in minutes. When they fall asleep, you've accomplished the maximum benefit for your partner. This is a sort of happy ending for their long day of stress.

If you have a desire to try all of the above advantages on yourself, we invite you to the coolest massage.

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