Massage for Couples

We're talking about erotic massage with couples. It's the sort of massage performed for a couple by another couple. This topic can be interesting but let's stay on the subject matter, shall we?

Massage for couples
Massage for couples

2 men and 2 women can massage very well together because of the multiple ways of knowing. It would be a good thing to remember if all those involved had learned some techniques they can share.

There are ways of muscle massage that require intricate movements to pinpoint the best spots. Sometimes only women have a natural ability to use the right pressure points to achieve the maximum relaxation of the recipient. On the other hand, there are certain places that only men will naturally know that bring a release of tension in both sexes. Combining this knowledge can help a massage session be both successful and enjoyable.

Start with the Basics

A calm and somewhat romantic atmosphere with aromatic candles and soft music may help achieve this. Have a bit of wine, or whatever drink is possible to help every feel at ease before getting into positions for massages. All four people must be on the same level of understanding of the process. The natural vibration of the room depends on it.

Some people don't think about relaxing helpers when they have massage parties. Shungite is a stone found in the northern parts of Russia. It's also found in some parts of Southern Ukraine. It can be processed, cut, and polished to make wonderfully decorative shapes that you can put in several areas of the room. The shungite gives off a calm vibration with its extra carbon complex matrix inside it. Shungite promotes positive endorphins in the brain.

Move to the Mat

Wherever you feel comfortable massaging your partner, be sure that the person applying the massage is in total rhythm and synchronization with the other. Each partner being massaged can feel the same sensation at the same time. While soft music plays, harmony can develop between all four individuals in the room.

Massage for couples
Massage for couples


The best way to begin with this type of massage is using warm and possibly scented oil. The masseuse should apply it to their hands sparingly so that there is a mix of smooth and friction at the same time while massaging the recipient.

Begin with the top of the neck and move slowly down the back in circular motions using the fingers to press down on the parts of muscle stress points. Follow down the spine to the tailbone and then expand out to the sides and work your way softly up to the neck again. On the right side use clockwise motion. On the left side, use counter-clockwise motions moving hands in unison with each other.

Move with the same technique over each arm with the same motion and intensity unless it causes pain. In this case, lighten up your touch. Remember that the skin is not the only thing to massage, but muscles in the arms can be most affected by the touching. After the one-hand technique, begin using two hands on one arm and shoulder at a time so that maximum pleasure can be released.

After both arms have been thoroughly massaged, move to the spine again. Massage down the spine using the same technique as before. Work your way to the tailbone and the hips.

As the first massage began with the arms, do the same with the legs. When this is finished, go back and use both hands on one leg at a time.

This is just a preview of what can happen in massages with four people. Try it yourself and see where you can go with it. We’re sure it will be amazing!

If you have a desire to try all of the above advantages on yourself, we invite you to the coolest massage.

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