Nuru – a Japanese legend

Nuru is a Japanese legend that is also found in other Asian countries. It means “a beautiful and skillful person”. In the world of entertainment, Nuru comes in the form of actress Nanao, also known as ‘Nana-chan’ in Japan.

There are many versions of the Nuru story. One of the most popular tales is that of Nanao and an unknown dancer from the south. The dance of the dancer was so enchanting and spell-binding that the whole nation was captivated. So much so, that they went as far as offering her anything, to the extent of marrying her to anyone they pleased. She refused all their offers, for her true love was Nanao, a simple and humble Japanese girl who had fallen in love with the dancer.

Nuru (also spelled "Nuur" or "Nuhur") is a traditional form of Asian erotic massage originating from ancient India. It involves using the hands to apply a circular motion to the perineum and the buttocks. The circular motion allows for rubbing over a long period of time. Unlike the classical massage movement, the hands are moving in a circular motion rather than a linear one. Nuur differs from other forms of erotic stimulation in its focus on stimulating the genitals by moving over a region of the body while being careful not to stimulate any other part of the body.

The name comes from the Sanskrit word, meaning "to rub", and is a word that was given to a type of massage known in Ancient India as "rubbing on the penis".

Definition and History


The form of massage practiced in India was named after it was the only form that required the use of a technique that could be described as rubbing or friction applied to the skin (rather than by kneading, beating, or manipulating the body), in a form similar to the technique used to rub the scrotum with the penis by inserting the index and middle finger and pressing down to stimulate the skin of the perineum. Nuru massage was first performed by the ancient Indian culture during the Indus Valley Civilization. The ancient Indian people's practice of applying a circular motion to the perineum and the buttocks is still practiced today in Bali.

Ancient Nuur procedure has been practiced since ancient times in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Nuru is used for self-pleasure or sexual purposes. It is also used as a medical procedure during labor to reduce back pain.


The Sudanese massage practitioner Al Mahgoub, born in Sudan in 1960, is internationally known. Al Mahgoub was working as a doctor when he discovered the ancient art of Nuru. He was impressed with the results he was obtaining when he used this procedure to treat patients who suffered from pain due to labor. He was also interested in helping patients who suffered from stress and anxiety, because he was experiencing these types of issues himself. Al Mahgoub is credited with creating "the first Nuur spa" and his "Nuhur massage" technique has spread throughout the world.

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