The main benefits of Nuru massage

With the help of many types of erotic massage, you can fully get an unprecedented pleasure that cannot be compared with any other sensations. This fully applies to Nuru massage. We propose to learn more about it and explain its nature, differences from other massages, and what are its main characteristics and benefits.

What is Nuru Massage?

The term Nuru comes from the East and means something very slippery. It is a principal characteristic of this highly demanded erotic massage technique. When we say that Nuru massage is slippery, we mean that the client's body is covered with various oils. Thus, the severity of pleasant sensations during the massage session increases.

During a Nuru session, massage therapists at WatchTouch, an erotic massage center in Paris, traditionally use the arms, torso, or even legs or buttocks, stimulating the intensity of somewhat painful but desirable pleasure.

Nuru is performed when the client is passively and relaxed, lying face up or down, experiencing completely new sensations. Natural and essential oils make the skin more sensitive to the movements of the masseur.


Main Features of Nuru Massage

Nuru has performed in a room away from outside noise, accompanied by flowing melodies in oriental motives, and Chill-out, Zen, and other musical styles. This background music helps to disconnect from the outside world and focus on anticipation and receiving sensations of pleasure.

Lighting also matches relaxation by enhancing the body's tactile rather than visual stimuli. LED lights work best in warm colors such as yellow, orange, or red. Straight light can be camouflaged well and create partial shade.

Another important element is natural and essential oils. It is especially desirable to use a particularly slippery vegetable oil Nuru. During the session, it will cover the client's body for easy gliding on it by the masseur.

You need a lot of natural or essential oils to perform a good massage. Such oils are commercially available in specialized cosmetics stores in a sufficient variety and quantity.

Benefits of Nuru Massage

One of the advantages of Nuru erotic massage is that you can easily share the pleasure with your partner. Even if the couple does not have professional massage skills, the couple will find themselves in the energy field of love and sex with the help of a slippery massage and will intuitively perform the correct movements.

When people have sex, they usually focus exclusively on the genitals, while neglecting other parts of the body. And this is a big minus and deprives oneself of additional pleasure since numerous sensitive nerve endings are located practically on the entire surface of the skin.

These nerve endings through the stimulus — massaging — allow you to fully enjoy the sensations. You should not deprive yourself of the opportunity to massage all parts of the partner's body before and during sex and feel how pleasure intensively spreads to the erogenous zones and every skin area.

If you have a desire to try all of the above advantages on yourself, we invite you to the coolest massage.

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