Oils for erotic massage

Massage oils are indispensable in erotic massage sessions. Thanks to them, the skin is moisturized and the beneficial ingredients of natural aromatic oils penetrate deeply into the skin. This feature requires the ability to make the right choice of the right product for you.

By neglecting the use of oil rubbing in massage, people run the risk of being left with abrasions and pain. In the course of an oil-free erotic massage, instead of bliss and satisfaction, irritation and frustration are likely to remain.

Which is better, massage oils or creams?

Most massage therapists prefer oils to creams and lotions. They are based primarily on the wishes of the clients and on sound professional expediency. But there is a contingent of people who refuse oils in favor of creams and lotions, as they unpleasantly feel the tactile sensation of oily skin.

But objectively, oil is preferable for erotic massage since it provides easy sliding of the hands and body of the masseur on the delicate skin, and the client's genitals.

The composition of massage oil can contain a squeeze of only one plant product or several ingredients that represent a homogeneous aromatic composition of plant and essential oils. The right choice depends on the intended type of massage.

What to focus on when buying erotic massage oils?

The correct choice is ensured if the type of massage and the nature of the massage therapist's physical impact on the body, the client's age, the sensitivity and allergy resistance of his body, and the season of the year are taken into account when purchasing the oil. In choosing the perfect oil from all their variety, some general recommendations should be followed.


What oil to use for an erotic massage?

We believe that for this type of massage, an important factor is the oil's compatibility with delicate skin and genitals, which depends on the type of base and essential oils in the mixture.

Erotic Nuru or Tantric massage does not always end with traditional sexual intercourse after massaging the genitals. Intimacy usually occurs in married or loving couples as a result of the effective work of a professional masseuse, where the correct selection of oil to apply to the genitals is crucial.

A safe and gentle massage is perfectly provided with mixtures based on natural vegetable oils. This base is usually sweet almond oil or coconut pomace. The skin absorbs them quickly and easily, and the hands and body of the masseuse in a Tantric massage session works depressingly, giving the client the desired pleasure.

But, for example, heavy olive oil is used in erotic massage only in special cases at the request of the client, since after it there is an unpleasant smell and sticky viscous fat clots.

Erotic massage oils

Kamasutra Oil Line

If there exists a kind of oil that awakens warmth and passion during an erotic massage, then the Kamasutra line of oils falls into this category:

If you have a desire to try all of the above advantages on yourself, we invite you to the coolest massage.

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