Once again about tantric massage

Tantric Massage is the kind of thing that most people are interested in but never mention in public. It's usually spoken about when one partner trusts another. So, what makes it so interesting? What makes it so mystical or provokes a certain kind of curiosity.

There's a saying that says, "The art of not knowing what is to come in pleasure, is a relaxation but also stimulation itself." It is just the idea of Tantric Massage. Then again, those who know have experienced it.

Tantric Massage: What is it?

It's the kind of touching, and controlling that is done sensually for your partner. The principles of tantra are written in ancient oracles from the Asian continents thousands of years ago for royalty to help them relax after a stressful day. The techniques invented were most likely invented to give the maximum pleasure imagined at that day and time of understanding the human body. This being said, let's talk about what kind of excitation tantra massages can achieve.

“Variety is the Spice of Life”

Tantra massage is assumed to be an erotic massage. Those who don't quite understand what it means will still associate it with something deeply spiritual and sensual. The massage is similar to the shot heard around the world because more people associate it with sex. Essentially, they would be right. This spiritual practice is also a physical excitement. A technique focusing on how to touch your partner's body parts should be understood. The understanding that there is a trust big enough to allow the other person to have full control is helpful. Then the relaxation and touching can begin.

The tantric essence meaning of shakti means energy. When you can add a kind of touch to the deepest nerve endings or strands, it can cause profound stress healing in the body. Understanding tantra can be an aid to emotional thinking as well as the body.

During Tantra Massage

Tantra Massage was more of a practice centuries ago with Central Eastern cultures royalty personalities. It involved massaging and stimulating the body, focusing on the genitals, correct breathing, meditation, and touch. Now, many times it's used to stimulate a couple's sex life. Believe it or not, orgasm is not the ultimate goal of this massage. However, it does happen quite often. It's a slower and more intense type of technique. It focuses on rubbing muscles of the penis and testicles, as well as for women, on the vulva. Certain kinds of touch are focused on massaging the prostate, helping it to relax.

The Active Massage

One requirement for tantra massage which pretty much goes unsaid is attention to personal hygiene. The art of touch is a learned skill. It can take time, understanding, and patience. When your partner is explaining how you should please them as you touch them, it becomes easier to understand. If your partner does not tell you in any way, it can take more time. The situation needs patience. When proper understanding is understood and the one giving pleasure is unselfish, then the process of tantra can begin. There needs to be total harmony with both involved. Be open-minded and gentle. The massage will be an experience you will never forget. You should practice with your partner on how they would like to be massaged. Next, allow your partner to give you the same kind of massage later.

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