Tantric massage in Europe

Tantric massage in Europe is a type of massage with body-to-body touch, originally from Tibet. The traditional range of Tantric massage includes the entire body, but now is becoming popular in Europe.


Tantric massage is a unique variation of massage, where touch is more important than pressure. As such, there is more emphasis on touch than on movement. In Tantric massage, the massage therapist or masseuse uses the entire body, face and head as a "toolkit" for touching. In the traditional Tibet, the massage therapist has a different, special tool, which is more appropriate for the particular region of the body that the massage is being given.


Tantric massage is most often associated with massage in Tibet. There are several different techniques of Tantric massage. The techniques are used as a part of a process known as "body-to-body touch", with the aim of bringing about a spiritual experience, as well as physical healing. The techniques involve a number of steps, starting with preparing a person for massage.

The origin of this practice in the west may be attributed to the first Westerner to record about his own experiences with a "Tantric Massage" was the Austrian Doctor Johann Georg Gichtel who was the personal physician to the then Maharajah of Nepal, Birendar Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana, who was sent to Europe to receive medical care and later in Austria, at the spa at Auais.

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