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We know everything about erotic massage
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– massage of the head and face

-hot towels


drawing with a brush on the body


-ice cubes

-foot massage

-massage of the prostate

shared shower

-mutual massage

-touch the girl

Erotic massage Erotic massage Erotic massage


Erotic massage 220/300 € 1h/1h30min
Tantric massage 250/350 € 1h/1h30min
Nuru Massage 300/400 € 1h/1h30min
4 hands massage 450/550 € 1h/1h30min

Tantric massage

Tantric massage is a unique and carefully designed ritual, based on the ancient Tantric philosophy, which is gaining more and more the hearts of people around the world. It is an invitation to the world of physicality and sensuality, caring, inspiration and ecstasy, a way to go beyond the limits of everyday life, to enjoy every moment of life. ‘to be. Tantric massage is an intimate ritual of the donor and recipient. The donor (massage therapist) is a sensitive guide in the world of your sexuality, it will help you open and develop it.
Tantric massage rejuvenates, heals, makes your body and your soul even more beautiful!


Nuru massage

The most common intimate massage is a Nuru erotic massage. This massage aims to stimulate erogenous zones, increase blood flow in the pelvic area, teach heart rate and become an excellent preventive treatment for mild heart disease. During the massage, the body of the masseur touches the body of the client.

Thanks to this massage, a person can relax and be excited at the same time. During the execution procedure, especially during the correction of the human body, a large part is occupied by candles and aromatic oils. Indeed, thanks to such an atmosphere, the customer can immerse himself in an intimate atmosphere to agree to receive indescribable special pleasures.



Erotic massage

Erotic massage has been known to us since ancient times, at a time when it was a medical procedure. Indeed, thanks to the massage, it is possible to increase the blood supply to the organs, the mobility of the limbs, as well as to relieve the nervous and physical stress.

However, it not only brings a sea of ​​pleasure, but also contributes to the development of sexual potential, the awakening of sexual energy, its liberation. It improves sensitivity and sexual function.

Like any other massage, erotic massage favorably affects the skin, muscles and internal organs, it awakens the flow of vital energy, has a strong influence on our mental state, on human mental health. allows you to release sexual energy and helps to direct it in the right direction.

Erotic massage is the art of giving pleasure. You will be surprised at all the pleasure you can feel while taking a massage. You will want to enjoy it forever …


4 Hands massage

Double pleasure of erotic massage for the deepest relaxation and unexplored feelings with two beautiful professional masters of massage


Yuo's session time will be perfect if you follow these rules

  1. 1 you must be more than 21
  1. 2 you are free to alcohol and drugs
  1. 3 until the girl comes you please take a shower
  1. 4 payment for the service (service + taxi) before the beginning of the session
  1. 5 during the massage in the room can only be a masseur and you
  1. 6 you do not ask the girl for sexual services
  1. 7 you can not touch the girl without authorization


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